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    Social Picnic Guidelines Empty Social Picnic Guidelines

    Post by PLLTwistedFan on Sun May 06, 2018 2:08 pm

    Advertising is allowed ONLY in the Showcase section and your sig and you must link back from your forums, with a brief description of ours and need to have at least 60 posts or $90,000 SP$ before you can advertise!

    What are SP$?
    SP$ are Social Picnic Currencies.
    You earn them by posting, replying and participating in some games in the Social Picnic Theme Park that could potentially win you some SP$.
    We offer competitions from time to time to give you more SP$.
    We even have a Lottery section for your chance to win loads more.
    Only Admins can create games and competitions to make you earn more SP$.

    No Swearing We do not like swearing on our forums, there could be minors that view these forums so please respect the members and staff here!
    If there has to be swearing please censor the whole word except for the first letter!
    But swearing a lot will automatically get you suspended!

    NO Pornographic, Sexual, Nude, Homophobic Video or Images allowed anyone found doing this will have the post immediately removed and 2nd offence is suspension and third is account termination!
    Photos or videos showing penises or vaginas or breasts are not allowed however bottoms are OK!
    Other Images are absolutely fine!

    NO Flaming We here at Social Picnic do not like our members insulting, provoking, swearing, Discriminating or bashing!
    This is totally unacceptable anyone found doing this will be dealt with accordingly! You can let out your frustrations in the Total Explosions Forum, but no racial slurs or attacking others thank you!

    NO TXT Speak We do not encourage txt speak here except for LOL, OMG, but other words have to be put in full, this is a forum not a mobile phone!

    No Spamming Please do not Triple Post in a 24hr period, double post is OK.
    No posting gibberish language like kdfgogff dji this is totally unacceptable.

    VIP Section
    Ladies and Gentlemen we do have a VIP section but this is only for our VIP Members to discuss other topics that cannot be discussed in our visible forums. Please check the VIP Guidelines to proceed.

    Please Post only in English.

    Please keep checking back as these Guidelines can be added to, changed or updated without notice.

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