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    Are you accident prone?


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    Are you accident prone? Empty Are you accident prone?

    Post by PLLTwistedFan on Sun May 06, 2018 5:35 pm

    When I was 5 or 8 years old I got hit by a car:
    I was waiting for the bus with my Mum and I was going across the street, getting money out of the trolleys there were $1 and 20c Pieces, I kept doing this for awhile, but on the last trip across the street I noticed a car coming, so I stepped back, and it parked behind the bus, so I said it was safe to go, so I started walking across the street and BANG! got hit by the car, the lady that was in that car, got out and checked if I was OK, which was nice, and there were two girls sitting next to my mum, send me to the girls toilets and washed my face, as there was a wound, that looked like a moustache around me.
    Mum tells me that I was in a wheelchair, but that I do not remember.
    Accident 2
    I was on an excursion with a few other people and It was at Bannya Biami or some name like that, anyhow I was on a log Wall, I saw this kid was about to jump down, me thinking I am on the second rung I jumped down, to help the Kid, but It felt like I was falling from the Sky, I was grabbing at the grass and rolling at the same time, because I was next to a river, I was grabbing so tight so I don't fall in the river.
    I tried to get up, but it hurt too much, the leaders there manage to get me inside, during dinner, They put me lying down on the couch, and they said food was ready, but I couldn't get up, so they send me to the doctors, we bumped into a Kangaroo along the way, which was funny in a way, but nevertheless went to the Doctors and Doctor told us That I have fractured my Shinbone, and if I didn't do a Karate roll I could have fractured both legs. I was in a cast for 6 to 12 weeks and was on crutches.
    Accident 3:
    I was playing Downball at school During Lunchtime, with another mate.
    (Downball: You use a tennis ball it has to bounce once on the ground and then hit the wall for the opposition to return it in, whoever doesn't get it loses) Anyway he hit the ball so hard that it went near the back I ran for it and got it and he hit it low I made a Run for it, but couldn't stop, and banged my shoulder right into the brick wall and went straight down, and couldn't get up, my friends went to get the teachers the teachers helped me up, and one of my friends who didn't know that I just went down whacked me right on that shoulder and said "How's it Going Mate" and I was Like Ow That Was My Sore Shoulder, Went to the doctor and they said I have fractured my Collarbone which meant I was in an arm sling for 6 to 12 Weeks
    Accident 4:
    I was on my Bike coming from a friends place (Well at the time he was anyway), my Bike buckled I turned around to fix it and when I turned back I smashed right into a Parked car, head first into the Boot of the Car I kept riding unaware of what happened when I got home my Mouth was Bloody, my friends mum (a different friend) gave me something for my mouth and I felt Better.
    Accident 5 Involving a Train:
    I was coming home on the train, and It got to my stop, I got up, I didn't hear no beeping so I opened the door and missed the Platform and fell right out the door all the way in the flower section next to The Train Tracks and my Bag was stuck in the door.
    Some Lady on the Platform asked If I was OK I said yes.
    Went back on The Train to Get my Bag, came home, my Knee Started hurting I checked my Knee and I was bleeding just underneath the Knee Cap I was all right after a few days.

    There are more but I cannot remember the rest.

    But this is my life described by one word: Accident-Prone

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